BBA Undergraduate Degree Program

BBA: Bachelor of Business Administration

BBA Majors: Real Estate Finance

The Real Estate Finance major combines the study of finance and real estate to develop special competency in real estate law, structuring real estate transactions, real estate valuation techniques, and an in-depth understanding of the mortgage markets. Recent graduates have chosen careers in real estate appraisal, development, management, and commercial lending.

  • General Education/University Curriculum
  • Business Core Courses
  • Real Estate Core
    • Real Estate Fundamentals (RE 3381)
    • Real Estate Law (RE 4338)
    • Real Estate Finance (RE 4389)
    • Real Estate Markets and Valuation (RE 4382)
  • Two Business electives. The following courses are recommended:
    • Money and Capital Markets (FINA 3330)
    • Advanced Financial Management (FINA 4325)
    • Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management (FINA 4326)
    • Business Modeling with Spreadsheets (ACCT/ITOM 4307) 
    • Speculative Markets (FINA 4327)
    • Management of Financial Institutions (FINA 4328)
    • International Finance (FINA 4329)
    • Advanced Concepts in Financial Management (FINA 5331)
    • Practicum in Portfolio Management (FINA 5332)
    • Principles of Risk Management (RM 3360)