BBA Undergraduate Degree Program

BBA: Bachelor of Business Administration

BBA Majors: Management

The goals of the Management major are two-fold: to understand the behavioral dynamics of management and to understand how organizations behave in competitive situations. The first aspect reflects an understanding of the behavioral dynamics of management, of ways in which individuals, groups and organizations behave and interact. The second aspect reflects an understanding of the complex global environment in which firms operate. By drawing on economic theory and real-life case studies, business strategy and policy formulation issues are addressed. The array of subject material in Management appeals to a wide variety of students who wish to learn more about effective behavior at both the managerial and organizational level. Graduates have been employed in management positions with American Airlines, EDS, Litton Industries, Mobil Oil, Andersen Consulting, and many other corporations.

  • General Education/University Curriculum
  • Business Core Courses
  • Management Core
    • Human Resources (MNO 3371)
    • Leadership and Culture (MNO 4371)
  • Two courses selected from the following:
    • Entrepreneurship - Starting a Business (CISB 5397) if not taken for senior
      core requirement
    • Business Decision Making (CISB 3380)
    • Managing the Entrepreneurial Business (CISB 4398)
    • Negotiations (MNO 3373)
    • Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethical Leadership (MNO 3375)
    • Employee Benefits (RMI 4340)
    • Strategic Management (STRA 5370) if not taken for senior core requirement
    • Advanced Strategic Management (STRA 5371)
    • Project Management (MNO 4361)
  • Two Business electives (six credit hours)