BBA Undergraduate Degree Program

BBA: Bachelor of Business Administration

BBA Honors Program

Honors business courses are available during the sophomore, junior, and senior years. These courses feature enhanced curriculum designed to challenge students' intellectual abilities and sharpen their professional skills. The smaller class environment in honors courses promotes greater interaction between students and professors.

Honors courses in business are normally core business courses, which are common to all business majors, and include Business Statistics, Intro to Accounting I and II, Financial Management, Management, Operations Management, Fundamentals of Marketing, and Strategic Management. In addition to the core business courses, senior-level honors practicum courses are also offered, including the Practicum in Portfolio Management where students manage the $2.M Ann Rife Cox Investment Fund.

The following are the core Business honors courses normally offered in the following semesters:

Fall Semester Business Honors Courses

  • ACCT 2301 - Intro to Financial Accounting
  • ITOM 2305 - Managerial Statistics
  • FINA 3320 - Financial Management
  • MKTG 3340 - Fundamentals of Marketing
  • STRA 5370 - Strategic Management in a Global Economy

Spring Semester Business Honors Courses

  • ACCT 2302- Intro to Managerial Accounting 
  • ITOM 2308 - Information Systems for Management
  • ITOM 3306 - Operations Management
  • MNO 3370 - Management of Organizations  

Contact the BBA Advising Office in 252 Maguire for the Individual Honors Project Proposal Expectations and Guidelines form. To earn the "Honors in Business" designation on their diploma, students complete at least six business honors courses equaling at least 18 credit hours (12 hours of which must be at the junior or senior levels) with a 3.50 business honors GPA and a 3.50 cumulative SMU GPA. The Cox Honors distinction is in addition to any cum laude distinctions earned.  

BBA Honors and University Honors

Many students who take business honors courses are also in the University Honors Program. Because most University Honors Program courses are taken in the first two years, and BBA Honors courses are primarily in the junior and senior years it is quite feasible to do both. Students who complete the requirements for both programs will graduate with the designations "Honors in Business" and "Honors in the Liberal Arts" on their diplomas.