BBA Undergraduate Degree Program

BBA: Bachelor of Business Administration

BBA Majors: Financial Consulting

Financial Consulting is a cross-disciplinary major, which combines advanced courses in finance and accounting. This major provides students with an understanding of both financial statements and world markets. Its strong focus in accounting prepares students to become financial analysts, as well as to succeed in a variety of financial professions across many disciplines.

  • General Education/University Curriculum
  • Business Core Courses
  • Accounting Core
    • Intermediate Accounting I (ACCT 3311)
    • Intermediate Accounting II (ACCT 3312)
  • Finance Core
    • Advanced Financial Management (FINA 4325)
    • Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management(FINA 4326)
  • Two Accounting and/or Finance Electives Selected from the following:
    • Business Process Management (ACCT 4306)
    • Cost Accounting I (ACCT 4311)
    • Federal Income Tax I (ACCT 4315)
    • Financial Planning and Control Using Microcomputers (ACCT 4307)
    • Studies in Accounting Theory (ACCT 5317)
    • Financial Statement Analysis (ACCT 5321)
    • Money and Capital Markets (FINA 3330)
    • Speculative Markets (FINA 4327)
    • Management of Financial Institutions (FINA 4328)
    • International Finance (FINA 4329)
    • Advanced Concepts in Financial Management (FINA 5331)
    • Honors Practicum in Portfolio Management (FINA 5132 and 5232)