Frequently asked questions for BBA Scholars


Q1. How was I selected for this program?
Q2. How does being a BBA Scholar impact my admission to the Cox BBA Program?
Q3. What if I was not selected? Can I still be a business major?
Q4. Can transfer students be a BBA Scholar?


Q5. Who is my academic advisor?
Q6. Can BBA Scholars take business classes early?
Q7. Do BBA Scholars need to take the business subset courses?
Q8. What classes should I take my first year?
Q8. Should I be in the University Honors Program?
Q10. Are BBA Scholars automatically admitted to the BBA Honors Program?

Program Benefits

Q11. Do BBA Scholars receive additional scholarships?
Q12. What is the “program” aspect of the BBA Scholars Program?


Q13. What if I’m not sure about my major?



Q1. How was I selected for this program?
A1. A limited number of first-year students are invited to join the BBA Scholars Program based on the overall quality of their application to SMU. The selection process includes a review of the complete SMU application (high school academic GPA, SAT/ACT test scores, letters of recommendation, extra-curricular activities, and essays). There is not an additional application for BBA Scholars; to be considered, applicants must simply list a business major as their first major on the SMU application for admission.

Q2. How does being a BBA Scholar impact my admission to the Cox BBA Program?
A2. BBA Scholars have been pre-selected for admission to Cox. Since they are already qualified for Cox, they are guaranteed admission to the BBA program.

Q3. What if I was not selected as a BBA Scholar? How can I get into the business school?
A3. Most business majors did not enter SMU as BBA Scholars. These students are "pre-business majors," and enter the business school after fulfilling the objective and clearly defined requirements for admission, normally in January of the sophomore year. Pre-business students entering SMU in Fall 2010 or after may enter the business school after they have earned 39 academic hours and have a 3.30 all college cumulative and 3.30 business subset GPA. The business subset includes introduction to college writing/seminar in critical writing (ENGL 1301 and 1302), micro- and macro-economics (ECO 1311 and 1312), calculus (MATH 1309 or 1337), statistics (STAT 2301), and accounting (ACCT 2311).

Q4. I’m a transfer student. Can I be a BBA Scholar?
A4. The BBA Scholars Program is designed for first year students. It is not an option for transfer students, who enter Cox under the traditional admissions process (see above). Transfer students may enter SMU as declared business majors by meeting the admissions requirements outlined above, or may enter SMU as pre-business majors while completing these requirements.



Q5. Who is my academic advisor?
A5. All students are assigned an academic advisor in the University Advising Center when they enter SMU. This advisor works with scholars during summer orientation (AARO) and continuing student registration in the fall. After BBA Scholars have enrolled for the spring of their first year, they transition to the BBA Advising Office for all of their advising needs, and continue to work with a BBA Advisor through graduation.

 Q6. Can BBA Scholars take business classes early?
 A6.BBA Scholars can take BLI 1110, the BBA Scholars Seminar, during their first year, and may have earlier access to a few business classes. Scholars, and all SMU students, work closely with academic advisors to determine the best course sequencing for their individual goals. Your major, double major, graduation date, study abroad plans, and prior credit from AP tests will impact your individual degree plan. Accelerating the business class sequence might exclude you from the sophomore level business honors courses, which are offered in sequence beginning in the fall of the sophomore year, so taking business classes early might not be desirable.

Q7. Do BBA Scholars need to take the business subset courses?
A7. Yes. The business subset courses are part of the business curriculum, and are pre-requisites for many business courses. BBA Scholars normally take the subset courses in the same sequence and timeframe as pre-business majors.

Q8. What courses should I take my first year?
 A08. In your first year, we recommend that you complete both of the required English courses, micro- and macroeconomics, business calculus, wellness, at least one science course, at least one perspectives course, and the BBA Scholars Seminar. This schedule leaves room for you to take other courses toward a minor or second major, or simply to explore some of the many interesting courses offered at SMU.

Q09. Should I also participate in the University Honors Program?
 A09. Absolutely! While not all BBA Scholars will be invited to join the University Honors Program, those who are should certainly take advantage of this opportunity. The University Honors Program offers a true honors experience, with smaller, more interactive classes.

Q10. Ho does being a BBA Scholar relate to the BBA Honors Program?
A10. Some BBA Scholars are invited to join the BBA Honors Program. Those that are not invited directly into the program can apply in the sophomore year.



Q11. I understand that being a BBA Scholar means that I’m guaranteed admission to Cox, but what is the “program” in the BBA Scholars Program?
 A11. The BBA Scholars Program provides admission to the Cox School, an elective course, student support services, and additional programming. BBA Scholars have access to several types of events each year.

Lectures and special events:
BBA Scholars receive special invitations to Cox lecture series and speaker events, including the Management Briefing Series, the Maguire Energy Symposium, and the Business Leaders Spotlight. Several receptions and social events are also held just for the scholars, including a welcome reception with the Dean and members of the Cox Executive Board.

Elective course:
A one credit hour elective, the BBA Scholars Seminar (BLI 1110), is offered in the fall exclusively for scholars. This course focuses on providing information on business majors, careers, graduate education, and current issues in business.

Advising and support services:
Students in the BBA Scholars Program have early access to BBA specific academic advising and career counseling.


Q12. Do BBA Scholars receive Cox scholarships?
A12. BBA Scholars are the first group considered for first-year business specific scholarships, however, not all BBA Scholars receive scholarships. All BBA Scholars are automatically considered for these first-year business school scholarships - no extra scholarship application is required. In addition to scholarships for first year students, there are a variety of scholarships available for junior/senior BBA students. These scholarships may have specific requirements for GPA, major, leadership, community service, or hometown/geographic region. Some require a separate application. Be sure to talk to your BBA Advisor to determine if you might be eligible for a junior/senior BBA scholarship.



Q13. What if I’m not sure about my major?
A13. Many college students change their major, so you are certainly not alone! If you enter SMU as a BBA Scholar and later decide that business is not the right major for you, our academic advisors will help you transition to your preferred major. You can also choose to enter SMU as an undeclared pre-major. While undeclared pre-majors cannot be a part of the BBA Scholars program, they can still pursue Cox admission through the traditional admission process.

The bottom line is that you should recognize that it is perfectly normal to be unsure about your major or to have multiple interests. Over 70% of BBA Scholars graduate with additional minors or majors outside of business, and are able to combine diverse academic and personal interests to create the educational program that best reflects their strengths, skills, and goals.