Selected Publications

  1. Sanjiv Erat and Sreekumar R. Bhaskaran. 2012, "Consumer Mental Accounts & Implications to Selling Base-Products and Addons.", Marketing Science 31(5) 801–818.
  2. Sreekumar R. Bhaskaran and Karthik Ramachandran 2011, "Managing Technology Selection and Development Risk in Competitive Environments.", POMS 20(4) 541-555.
  3. Sreekumar Bhaskaran, Karthik Ramachandran and John Semple. 2010, "A Dynamic Inventory Model with the Right of Refusal", Management Science 56(12) 2265-2281.
  4. Sreekumar R. Bhaskaran and Stephen M. Gilbert. 2009, "Implications of Channel Structure for Leasing or Selling Durable Goods", Marketing Science 28(5) 918-934.
  5. Sreekumar R. Bhaskaran and Vish V. Krishnan. 2009, "Effort, Revenue, and Cost-Sharing Mechanisms for Collaborative New Product Development.", Management Science 55(7) 1152-1169.
  6. Sreekumar R. Bhaskaran and Stephen M. Gilbert. 2005, "Selling and Leasing Strategies for Durable Goods with Complementary Products.", Management Science 51(8) 1278-1290.


Research in Review

  1. Sreekumar R. Bhaskaran, Ankur Goel and Karthik Ramachandran (2012), "Managing Product Transitions under Technology Uncertainty", under resubmission.
  2. Sreekumar R. Bhaskaran, Stephen M. Gilbert (2013), "Implications of Channel Structure and Operational Mode on a Manufacturer's Optimal Durability Choice", to be revised and resubmitted to POMS.
  3. Sreekumar R. Bhaskaran, Sinan Erzurumlu and Karthik Ramachandran (2013), "Sequential Innovation by Startups: Balancing Survival and Profitability", under review Operations Research.




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