Curriculum - Spring Term

Spring Module A - (8 Credits)

FINA 6229:  Energy Risk Management.

This course covers the many techniques and devices designed and applied to assess and manage risks associated with the energy business. It reviews the current state of the art in this field including the application of techniques that pertain to the futures and forward markets, energy derivatives, diversification, price forecasting and information acquisition.  Introduces applications of real options analysis to the evaluation of risky projects.

Prerequisites: Managerial Economics, Finance Theory and Practice

FINA 6236:  Advanced Portfolio Investments.

A continuation of portfolio theory into a range of topics including the role and responsibility of investment professionals,refinements in portfolio optimization, the measurement of downside risk, philosophies of stock picking, stock screening and portfolio construction, the use of derivatives to achieve exposure targets, and performance measurement. The course has a research flavor, focusing on how to develop answers to investment questions.

Prerequisite: FINA 6216: Portfolio Theory.

FINA 6219:  Forwards, Futures and Swaps.

An in-depth analysis of forwards, futures and swaps. Focuses on forward and futures pricing and the use of forward and futures contracts to hedge commodity price risk, currency risk, stock portfolio risk and interest rate risk. Includes an analysis of the pricing of interest rate risk, currency and commodity swaps and examines their use in asset and liability management.

Prerequisite: FINA 6205: Finance Theory and Practice.

FINA 6227:  Hedge Funds.

An in-depth study of the theory and management of hedge funds. Includes topics such as arbitrage pricing theory, measuring return and risk of arbitrage strategies, performance evaluation, risk management, and compensation. Discusses issues at the operational level and examines specific controlled-risk strategies, including statistical arbitrage, convertibles arbitrage and risk arbitrage.

Prerequisite: FINA 6205: Finance Theory and Practice.