Curriculum - Fall Term

Fall Module A - (8 Credits)

ACCT 6201:  Financial Reporting and Analysis I.

A course designed for those who require more in-depth knowledge of financial statements than that provided by basic undergraduate accounting.  Focuses on issues relevant to students whose careers depend on their ability to analyze financial statements. Includes specific topics such as deferred taxes, leases, discontinued operations, accounting write-offs and restructuring charges, and analysis of the statement of cash flows.

Prerequisites: Equivalent of undergraduate financial accounting.  Students with good accounting training can waive into ACCT 6210, a more advanced accounting elective.

BUSE 6202:  Managerial Economics.

An examination of the basic principles behind the operating and pricing decisions of firms in a market economy. Applies methods of marginal analysis and optimization as a guide to the business decision-making process. Includes topics such as supply, demand and market equilibrium, competition, industrial concentrations, government regulations, optimal pricing strategies and economic efficiency.

Prerequisite: None. Advanced students can waive into an economics elective

FINA 6205:  Finance Theory and Practice.

An examination of the tools and concepts that form the core of modern finance theory, with an emphasis on practical applications. Includes topics such as risk measurement and the investor’s portfolio optimization problem, asset pricing models, risk-adjusted discount rates, investment under uncertainty, capital structure theory, firm valuation, and an introduction to options pricing.

Prerequisite: The equivalent of FINA 6201: Managerial Finance.

FINA 6216:  Portfolio Theory and Asset Pricing.

The theory and applications of risk and return in capital markets. Includes topics such as the measurement of risk, diversification, portfolio theory, asset allocation, CAPM and APT models of asset pricing, and various measures of portfolio performance evaluation that arise from these models. Provides applications that stress the use of portfolio theory and asset pricing models in contemporary investment decisions. Also, examines evidence as it pertains to these theories and practices.

Prerequisite: FINA 6205: Finance Theory and Practice.