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Boot Camp

Apart from an eager desire to learn, the ideal preparation for the MSF would be basic undergraduate level courses in finance, accounting, economics and statistics along with good communication skills in English. We recognize however that some students who are great candidates for our program do not meet this profile. To ensure that all MSF students are prepared for the rigorous finance coursework, we offer a three-phase online boot camp during the summer before the program starts. The summer boot camp ensures that students gain foundational knowledge in compount interest, discounted cash flow, and financial statements.

Three Phases of Boot Camp:

1) MBA Math - This is an online preparatory software in core business subjects, such as accounting, finance, statistics, economics, and excel. All students must complete the post-quizzes in all subject areas with a score of 80% or higher.

2) Online Self-Study Guide - The SMU Cox faculty designed this self-study work booklet to enhance students' knowledge in basic finance concepts. There are no deliverables or homework projects assigned from this phase of boot camp. It for self-study only.

3) MyFinanceLab Homework Exercises - This is a set of weekly homework exercises during the last 6-8 weeks of the summer. SMU Cox faculty members monitor progress and grades on these homework exercises to ensure that all students are ready for the quantitative coursework in their first Finance class.