Refereed Publications

  • “The Role of the Internal Audit Function in the Disclosure of Material Weaknesses.” with Shu Lin, Mark Vargus, and Indranil Bardhan. The Accounting Review. 2011, 86(1): 287-324.
  • “Group-Based Compensation in Professional Service Firms: An Examination of Medical Group Practices.” The Accounting Review. 2010, 85(1): 343-380.
  • “Performance-Based Compensation in Member-owned Firms: An Examination of Medical Group Practices.” With Christopher D. Ittner and David F. Larcker. Journal of Accounting and Economics. 2007, 44(3): 300-327.
  • “The Relation between Cost-System Design, Managers’ Evaluation of the Relevance and Usefulness of Cost Data, and Financial Performance: An Empirical Study of U.S. Hospitals.” Accounting, Organizations and Society. 2006, 31(2):179-210.
  • “The Balanced Scorecard: Judgmental Effects of Performance Measures Linked to Strategy.” With Rajiv D. Banker and Hsihui Chang. The Accounting Review. 2004, 79(1):1-23.

Working Papers

  • “The Judgmental Effects of Strategy Maps in Balanced Scorecard Performance Evaluations” With Rajiv D. Banker and Hsihui Chang. Undergoing second round of review at the International Journal of Accounting Information Systems.
  • “The Impact of Internal Audit Function Quality and Contribution on Audit Delays.” With Shu Lin, Mark Vargus, and Douglas Ziegenfuss. Undergoing first round of review at Contemporary Accounting Research.
  • “Determinants of Managerial Satisfaction with Performance Measurement Systems.” with Rajiv D. Banker, Surya Janakiraman.

Current Projects

  • “Determinants of External Auditor’s Decision to Rely on Internal Auditors in Financial Statement Audits.” With Mark Vargus.
  • “Physician-owned Hospitals and Competition.” With Frances Kennedy and Sally Widener.
  • “Implicit and Explicit Incentives for Managers: Empirical Evidence from the Hotel Industry.” With James Heseford.



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