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Working Papers 

“trustOptim: An R Package for Trust Region Optimization with Sparse Hessians.”
Conditionally accepted at Journal of Statistical Software
“Customer Base Analysis with Service Quality Data” (with David Schweidel and Eli Stein).
Under second-round review at Journal of Marketing Research
“Scalable Rejection Sampling for Bayesian Hierarchical Models” (with Paul Damien).
Under second-round review at Marketing Science


(All R packages are available on CRAN at
trustOptim – R package for scalable nonlinear optimization using trust region methods,optimized for objective functions with sparse Hessians (as in hierarchical models).
bayesGDS – R package for estimating Bayesian hierarchical models using Generalized Direct
sparseHessianFD – R package for computing sparse Hessians when only the sparsity structure is known.
sparseMVN - R package for sampling from, and computing the log density of, a multivariate normal distribution for which the covariance or precision matrix is sparse.




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