Recent Publications

  • "Entrepreneurial Types and Economic Growth." 2010 With M. Levesque. Journal of Business Venturing
  • "Unemployment benefits crowd out nascent entrepreneurial activity." 2009. With P. Koellinger. Economic Letters 103: 96–98
  • "Entrepreneurs' Decisions on Timing of Entry: Learning from Participation and from the Experience of Others." 2009. With M. Levesque and D. Shepherd. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice 33(2): 547-570 
  • "I Think I Can, I Think I Can…: A Study of Entrepreneurial Behavior." 2007. With P. Koellinger and C. Schade. Journal of Economic Psychology 28: 502-527

Editorial Activities

  • Journal of Business Venturing Field Editor 
  • Small Business Economics Journal Associate Editor 
  • International Small Business Journal Consulting Editor 
  • Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice Member of Editorial Board 



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