Jeff Yu PhD

Refereed Publications


  • “The Spillover Effect of Fraudulent Financial Reporting on Peer Firms’  Investment Efficiency” with    Anne Beatty and Scott Liao. 2013. Journal of  Accounting and Economics 55 (2-3): 183-205. 

  • “Short Arbitrage, Return Asymmetry and the Accrual Anomaly” with David  Hirshleifer and Siew Hong  Teoh. 2011. Review of Financial Studies 24 (7): 2429- 2461. Also summarized in The CFA Digest 41 (4): 54-55. 

  • “Conservatism and Debt” with Anne Beatty and Joseph Weber. 2008. Journal of  Accounting and  Economics 45 (2-3): 154-174 (Lead Article). 

  • “Information Asymmetry in International Acquisitions: the Role of Information  Institutions” with Qi  Zhou and Jay Anand. 2007. Academy of Management Best  Paper Proceedings: 1-6. 

Working Papers

  •  “Did Information Intermediaries See the Banking Crisis Coming from Leading  Indicators in Banks’ Financial  Statements?” with Hemang Desai and Shiva  Rajgopal (Accepted by 2013 Contemporary Accounting Research  Conference) 

  • “Bank Loan Spread and Private Information: Pending Approval Patents” with  Marlene Plumlee, Yuan Xie and Meng Yan (Revise and Resubmit at Review of Accounting Studies) 

  • “Loan Spreads and Unexpected Earnings: Do Banks Know what Analyst Don’t Know?” (under review at Journal of Accounting and Economics) 

  • “R&D Reporting Rule and Firm Efficiency” with Neil Bhattacharya, Yoshie Saito and Ram Venkataraman (submitting to Quarterly Journal of Economics) 

  • “Do Conglomerates Operate More Efficiently than Single-Segment Firms?” with  Neil Bhattacharya and Johan Sulaeman (submitting to Journal of Finance) 

  • “Relinquishing the Right to Keep Silence: Accrual Disclosure Changes after Short Interest Spikes” with Xi Li. 




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