• Do short sellers target firms with poor earnings quality?: Evidence from earnings restatements,with Srini Krishnamurthy and Kumar Venkataraman, Review of Accounting Studies, March 2006.
  • Reputational penalties for aggressive accounting: Management turnover and earnings restatements, with Chris Hogan and Mike Wilkins, The Accounting Review, January 2006.
  • Value-Glamour and Accrual-based Market Anomalies: One Anomaly or Two? with Shiva Rajgopal and Mohan Venkatachalam, The Accounting Review, April 2004.
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  • An Investigation of the Informational Role of Short Interest on the Nasdaq Market, with K. Ramesh, Ramu Thiagarajan and Bala Balachandran,  Journal of Finance, October 2002.
  • Do All Stars Shine? An Evaluation of Analysts' Recommendations, with Bing Liang and Ajai Singh, Financial Analyst Journal, May/June 2000.
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  •  An Analysis of the Recommendations of the "Superstar" Money Managers at the Barron's Annual Roundtable, with Prem C. Jain, Journal of Finance, September 1995. 

Working Papers 

  • On distinguishing between valuation and arbitrage motivated short selling, with Srini Krishnamurthy and Kumar Venkataraman, October 2006. 
  • Are Mutual Fund short sales informative? with Honghui Chen and Srini Krishnamurthy, November 2006. 



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