Catherine Tramuto (PMBA '14)

Senior Director, Change Management, Associa

Concentration: General Business

Why did you decide to pursue an MBA? 
I chose to pursue an MBA in order to grow my business acumen. My undergraduate degree is in communications, and my professional experience is in government affairs. While I enjoy both communications and government affairs, I knew that I needed to expand my skills and capabilities. Going back to business school was going to do just that!

Why did you choose SMU Cox for your PMBA? 

I wanted to attend a school that was well known and highly regarded, not only among the Dallas community but also nationally. Additionally, many of the executives in my current organization received graduate degrees from SMU Cox. I value their leadership and am thankful to have learned similar content from many of the same professors. SMU is not only a beautiful campus, but also the quality of the professors and course material, including the ability to choose a concentration, was very important to me. Finally, the international courses and immersion trips were an incredible way to learn business practices first-hand in other cultures.

How has pursuing the Cox PMBA impacted your career? 

When I began the program I was working in government affairs. Halfway through the program, I transitioned and grew within the organization to work on project-related activities, specifically relating to change management. Most of the strategy and management courses I took applied directly to my new role. I have been able to apply what I'm learning in school to what I'm doing at work in a real-time environment. It's set me, and the initiatives I'm working on, up for greater success.

What should prospective students know about the Cox PMBA? 

This is an incredible program, with many benefits for the working professional. Group work allows you to work in a real-life team environment, Professors are mindful we are not only students but also full-time employees, and the administrative office is extremely helpful in navigating what balancing work, school and life looks like. It's not easy. But it's worth every minute of it. I will forever have my education and am thankful for the investment I've made to acquire it!

Anything else you'd like to add/share? 

Without a doubt, the networks and relationships I've created will help me not only in my professional growth but also my personal growth. Most importantly, however, I walked away from school with a greater capacity than I could have imagined and a confidence in myself from a business perspective.