• “Effect of Analysts’ Optimism on Estimates of the Expected Rate of Return Implied by Earnings Forecasts”, with Peter D. Easton, forthcoming in Journal of Accounting Research.
  •  “Scale and the Scale Effect in Market-Based Accounting Research”, with Peter D. Easton. Journal of Business, Finance and Accounting, January 2003, pp. 25-56.

Working Papers

  • “Using Market Reaction to Infer Persistence of Earnings Surprises”, with Gia M. Chevis.
  • “Fair Value’s Affect on Accounting’s Ability to Predict Future Cash Flows”, with Keji Chen and Gary K. Taylor.
  • “Barriers to Entry and the Effect on Future Profitability”, with Victoria Dickinson
  • “The Market’s Reaction to Revisions in Analysts’ Longer-Horizon Forecasts”

Other Research Projects

  • Examination of effects of fraud on stock prices and on expectations of returns on equity investment and growth, with Peter Easton and Mark Zmijewski.
  • Estimating cost of capital for operations from accounting data, with Victoria Dickinson, Peter Easton and Gary Taylor.
  • Demonstration of method for estimation of the Equity Premium for the Dow Jones 30, with Peter Easton.
  • Investigation of determinants of the market’s assessment of the persistence of unexpected earnings, with Gia Chevis.
  • Development of methodology for moving toward an unbiased firm-specific estimate of cost of capital, with Peter Easton and Steve Monahan.



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