Graduate Marketing Certificate Program


The Cox GMCP will expose you to a wide range of topics that will help you to acquire the marketing knowledge and skills essential for your success. Through supplemental text readings, special discussion groups, “break-out sessions,” case studies, business simulations, and guest lecturers, you will have the opportunity to concentrate on your individual marketing interests.

We believe the presentation of broad theory applied to specific action steps and examples, provides the most immediate results for our participating executives, their careers, and their companies.


The GMCP is a 21-week program consisting of three 7-week trimesters.  The SMU Cox GMCP offers you the flexibility to begin earning your certificate at the start of the first or second trimester.  

Each class is videotaped for those who are absent or if you want to review concepts covered. To qualify for the Certificate of Graduation, you must attend five out of seven sessions each trimester.  If your business circumstances will not permit you to take the GMCP over consecutive trimesters, you can spread the program over two years.

You may take the course with either a pass/fail option or for a letter grade. The requirement for pass/fail is attendance. To receive a letter grade, you must complete a written assignment at the end of each of the first two trimesters. All teams prepare an analysis of the competitive marketing simulation for the third trimester. Given the unique character of the GMCP, no course credit may be applied to any other graduate program.