Academic Publications

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  • Moon, Sangkil and Glenn B. Voss (2008), “How Do Price Range Shoppers Differ from Reference Price Point Shoppers?” Journal of Business Research, forthcoming.
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  • Voss, Zannie Giraud, Daniel M. Cable, and Glenn B. Voss (2006), “Organizational Identity and Firm Performance: What Happens when Leaders Disagree about ‘Who We Are?’” Organization Science, 17, Nov-Dec (6), 741-755.
  • Voss, Glenn B., Mitzi M. Montoya-Weiss, and Zannie Giraud Voss (2006), "Aligning Innovation with Market Characteristics in the Nonprofit Professional Theater Industry,” Journal of Marketing Research, 43 (2), 296-302.  Featured in “For Love or Money,” Stanford Social Innovation Review, Fall 2006. 
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  • Voss, Glenn B. and Zannie G. Voss (1997), “Implementing a Relationship Marketing Program: A Case Study and Managerial Implications,” Journal of Services Marketing, 11 (4), 278-298. Outstanding Paper Award Winner.

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