Latino Leadership Initiative

The SMU Cox Latino Leadership Initiative is building on the strong foundation of an award-winning partnership between SMU Cox Executive Education and the National Hispanic Corporate Council.

In 2010, the two organizations launched the Corporate Executive Development Program, an innovative executive development experience for high-potential mid-level Latino managers in Fortune 1000 companies. Since its creation, more than 30 professionals have completed the CEDP, and many have advanced to executive positions. 

Latino Leadership

The Initiative To Do More

The SMU Cox Latino Leadership Initiative builds on the success of the CEDP with a broader, four-element program that will help participating corporations hire and develop skilled, multiculturally adept senior managers and tap the opportunities presented by growing Latino and global markets. The initiative’s mission is to discover, develop and encourage high-performance Latino executives who will drive business growth and create a sustainable competitive advantage for their companies worldwide.

To achieve this mission, SMU Cox Executive Education is working with
10 inaugural corporate partners in four interlinked areas:

  • Individual development for high-potential Latino managers
  • Organizational development to build multicultural competence
  • Exclusive business insights through Latino-focused research
  • Industry leadership initiatives in schools and communities

The initiative will focus on three areas of engagement:

    • Original Research
    • Educational programs
      • Hispanic leadership development
      • Leadership development with emphasis on cultural dexterity and corporate inclusion
    • Large events
      • Forum
      • Conference
      • Lecture
    • Small events for selected senior executives
    • Executive roundtables

“Like the CEDP, the Latino Leadership Initiative combines practical leadership principles with insights from rigorous research to address the opportunities of today’s diverse, global market. Together with visionary partners, we’re creating a high-impact program with unique potential to drive organizational success.” 

Miguel A. Quiñones, Ph.D., O. Paul Corley Distinguished Chair,Department of Management and Organizations, SMU Cox School of Business