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Starting A Business Certificate Program

Jerry F. White, Director, Caruth Institute For more than 30 years, the Caruth Institute for Entrepreneurship has offered Starting A Business. This certificate course provides the business community with an awareness of what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur as well as the skills required to prepare and present professional business plans. Since the course was first offered in 1970, over 7,000 students have taken what has come to be known throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth community as the “SMU entrepreneur course.” Over the years, Starting A Business has been offered three times per year in an eight-week, one night per week format.

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Course Description

Starting a Business explores the creation of value through the process of starting a new business venture. The course covers a range of topics, including:

  • Personal characteristics of successful entrepreneurs.

  • How to identify windows of opportunity.

  • Developing a viable business concept.

  • Analyzing competition and market opportunities.

  • Understanding financing alternatives.

  • Preparing a professional business plan.

Course Graduates

Since 1970, a number of successful entrepreneurs have taken the Caruth Institute’s Starting A Business course, including Lee Posey, chairman and founder, Palm Harbor Homes, and Garrett Boone, chairman and co-founder, The Container Store.    

Distinguished Past Lecturers

Over the years, a number of distinguished entrepreneurs have lectured for the course, including:

  • Chris and Christine Cook, co-founders, SleepExperts

  • David Litman, co-founder, Hotels.com (NASDAQ).

  • Sheryl Leach, founder, Barney and Friends.

  • Jeff Smith, founder, VERIO (NASDAQ).

  • Bo Pilgrim, founder, Pilgrim’s Pride (NYSE).Cos


  • Regular Fee - $695.00 per student
  • Group(2 or more) discount - $620.00 per student
  • EARLY BIRD Discount -15% off regular fee EXPIRES 9/7/2015
  • GROUP EARLY BIRD - $510.00 per student


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