Entrepreneurship at the Caruth Institute

Global Entrepreneurship Week 2013 at SMU   #SMUGEW2013

Promoting and inspiring innovative and entrepreneurial activities, programs, and research at SMU.

SMU Global Entrepreneurship Week was held 11/18/13 - 11/22/13, with a kickoff SHOWCASE on MON 11/18 from 11-1pm at the Hughes-Trigg Student Center Common.


  1. COX Caruth Institute for Entrepreneurship (Jerry White, Simon Mak, Julianne Deering)
    1. Showcase: Presentation of Caruth Institute programs (Dallas 100 Entrepreneur Awards, Southwest Venture Forum, Starting A Business certificate course) and the BBA concentration in Entrepreneurship
  2. Lyle School of Engineering
    1. Engineers w/o Borders (Christopher Carrillo, Andrew Quicksall)
      i.    Activity: Wed 4pm, in Caruth 206 (The Hunt Institute) - Identifying Opportunity in the Developing World - The SMU Chapter of Engineers Without Borders will walk you through methods of identifying problems and formulating solutions both in the developing world and in your own discipline. The event will be broken into three components: a short presentation on identifying problems, challenging and exciting activities, and a presentation of creative companies that have found ways to generate profit while solving engineering problems. Everyone is invited to attend, regardless of major, profession, prior experience, or interest in developing countries. We hope to meet you there.
  3. Meadows Arts Entrepreneurship (Jim Hart)
    1. Activity: Fri 11:30-1pm, Pitch Contest for AMAE course, Meadows 2030
  4. SEISMIC (Seminar on Entrepreneurial Innovation, Startup Matchmaking, and IP Commercialization) (David Croson)
    1. Activity: Wed 5-6:30pm movie -  “How NOT to Quit Your Day Job” Location 175 Crow (Georges Auditorium)
  5. Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Club (Luciano Vizza)
    1. Activity: Business Simulation Contest Thu 11-1pm 186 Crow Computer Lab – Come test your skills at running a business for 10 days. The top Five winners will receive a prize and the #1 winner will also win $$.
  6. Engaged Learning (Susan Kress, Meleah Chriss)
    1. Activity #1: Wed, Nov 20, 12-1 pm, Clements G11 – How to Communicate Your Experience: Resume and Interview Tips by Regina James, Hegi Career Center. This workshop will provide tips on how to parlay your entrepreneurial experience into your future. Light refreshments will be provided.
    2. Activity #2: Fri, Nov 22, 4-5pm, 104 Fincher (Cox) – Are you an innovator or an entrepreneur? Come find out how you can turn your idea into an Engaged Learning project. Get funding and recognition on your transcript.
  7. SMU-in-TAOS (Mike Adler)
    1. Activity: Wed, Nov 20, Noon-5pm, 338 Blanton - SMU in Taos open house and program exposition. 
  8. Big Ideas (Nokuthula (Nikki) Msubo)
    1. Activity: Fri, Nov 22, 9:30-Noon, Forum of Hughes-Trigg Student Center - The Big iDeas Fall Symposium, where grant recipients will have the opportunity to report on the progress of their project and to explain some of the findings of their research
  9. Dedman – Anthropology (Faith Nibbs)
    1. Showcase: Forced Migration Innovation Program in Dedman College - Researching refugee populations and their paths to livelihood upgrades mainly through entrepreneurship. The program is seeking participants and also has $PAID$ internships for students to work on the project.
  10. Perkins School of Theology (Todd Rasberry, Robert Hunt)
    1. Activity: Social Entrepreneurship and Ministry, Mon 8-9:30pm – at UNION, located at 5622 Dyer Street (behind Twisted Root & down Dyer from Ozona's): Perkins School of Theology will provide a venue to explore entrepreneurial ministry that goes beyond traditional models of funding like writing grant proposals and passing the offering plate toward sustainable ministries that change lives. A panel including Bill Bryan, Robert Hunt, Mike Baughman, and Beeta Ansari, (click names for bios) will explore various ways to think differently about our pluralistic world and the church. Participants will be provided an opportunity to actively engage in dialogue with those doing entrepreneurial ministries to create new ideas for doing ministry.
  11. Dedman Law Clinic (Mary Spector)
    1. Showcase: Highlight the works of the clinics and legal services for entrepreneurs
  12. Office of Research
    1. Showcase: SMU Research Day (Alicia Watkins) & SMU Technology Commercialization (Alicia Brossette, Kimberly Jones-Ross)
    2. Activity: Thu 2-3pm, Room in PAB 101 - Provide more information about who we are and how we can assist faculty and staff and students with invention disclosures, patent process, and marketing/commercialization. We will answer questions and talk about the marketing and commercialization at SMU and displaying one of our technologies from engineering (Alicia Brosette, Kimberly Jones-Ross)
  13. MBA Entrepreneurship Club (Todd Alsup)
    1. Infosession MBA Business Plan Competition, Thu, 5:30-6:15pm, Room 195 Crow - Learn more about the annual MBA Business Plan Contest that will be held in Spring 2014.
  14. George W. Bush Institute
    1. Economic Growth
    2. Women's Initiative