Entrepreneurship at the Caruth Institute

Global Entrepreneurship Week 2014 at SMU (#SMUGEW2014)

Promoting and inspiring innovative and entrepreneurial programs,
activities, research, and courses at SMU.


Global Entrepreneurship Week is 11/17/14 - 11/21/14,
with a kickoff SHOWCASE on MON 11/17 from 11-1pm
at the Hughes-Trigg Student Center Common



    • SMU Cox Caruth Institute for Entrepreneurship (Jerry White, Simon Mak, Julianne Deering)
      1. Showcase: Presentation of Caruth Institute programs (Dallas 100 Entrepreneur Awards, Southwest Venture Forum, Starting A Business certificate course), the BBA concentration in Entrepreneurship, and the Cox summer business minor course CISB 2388 Entrepreneurship Concepts
    • Lyle School of Engineering
      1. Hunt Institute for Engineering and Humanity (Eva Csaky, Tizeta Getachew)
        Activity: Wed 8am - Market Based Solutions for Poverty Alleviation by Eva Csaky, Director - The poor as producers and consumers in the global economy. Does the base of the pyramid really offer business opportunities?
    • Meadows Arts Entrepreneurship (Jim Hart, Chase Harker)
      Showcase: Learn more about the Arts Entrepreneurship Program
      Activity: Infosession for Course: Accelerating your Startup: Taking Your Business From Idea to Implementation (AMAE4377) (Trey Bowles) - Wednesday, November 19th at 5:30pm in Owen Fine Arts Center Room 2040
    • SEISMIC (Seminar on Entrepreneurial Innovation, Startup Matchmaking, and IP Commercialization) (David Croson)
      1. Activity: Thu 5-6:00pm movie -  “How NOT to Quit Your Day Job” Location 195 Crow, Cox School of Business
    • Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Club (Haley Holland)
      1. Activity: PitchFest Thu 4-5pm 195 Crow – Come practice pitching your ideas, and prep for the TCU Business Plan contest.
    • Engaged Learning & BigiDeas (Susan Kress, Meleah Harris, Kenneth Cedeno)
      1. Activity: Fri, Nov 19, BigiDeas CUBE Fridays 3-4 pm, Suite 600 of Expressway Tower - Building Your Business Plan by Prof Simon Mak, PhD. Will it make a profit? How much? Do you need an investment? How much? This workshop will help you think through these things. Light refreshments will be provided.
    • Dedman – Anthropology
      1. Showcase: Forced Migration Innovation Program (Faith Nibbs, Sergio Lopez, MaryBeth Chrostowsky) - Researching refugee populations and their paths to livelihood upgrades mainly through entrepreneurship.
    • Perkins School of Theology (Robert Hunt)
      1. Social Entrepreneurship and Ministry
    • Dedman Law Small Business and Trademark Clinics (Walter Theiss, Marc Hubbard, David Cho)
      1. Showcase: Highlight the works of the clinics and legal services for entrepreneurs
    • Dedman - Sociology (Sheri Kunovich)
      1. Showcase: Highlight the interdisciplinary Markets & Culture degree program and the research on innovation from Professor Matt Keller
    • Lyle Engineering Deason Innovation Gym (Greg Needel)
    • MBA Entrepreneurship Club (Becky Ross)
      1. Learn more about the annual MBA Business Plan Contest that will be held in Spring 2015.