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The unsung heroes of our economy are the entrepreneurs who build their own businesses and create jobs as fast as large companies eliminate them. While entrepreneurs are the engines of growth in our economy, they often go unrecognized. The Dallas 100™ was created to correct this injustice. Each year we scan the business environment to identify the 100 fastest growing privately held companies in the Dallas Metroplex. We honor them at one of the most prestigious facilities in the Southwest, The Omni Hotel, downtown.

We need your help because… THE SEARCH IS ON FOR THE DALLAS 100™.

If you have a fast growth company, please fill out the application form. If you know of a fast growth company, please nominate them by filling out an application form for them. Applications and nominations will be taken beginning in April.

Help us honor the heroes of our free enterprise economy.

For more information, please contact  the Caruth Institute at caruth@cox.smu.edu.