The Business Library is a restricted access facility, available only to current students, faculty, staff, and alumni of SMU. To obtain access to Business Library resources, patrons must present a valid SMU ID, for verification of status when entering the facility.


Cox alumni may obtain access to most library resources when visiting the Business Library in person. Off-campus access to limited electronic resources is available to alumni. Please speak with a Business Librarian for more information. A picture ID is required to verify alumni status and to request a Cox Alumni library card, which is valid in the Business Library and at Fondren Library. Alumni are not allowed access to The Kitt Investing and Trading Center.

Alumni can visit the SMU Libraries Alumni Services website to learn about off-campus access to specific databases for alumni as well as lending policies for other campus libraries.


Tobacco use is prohibited in the Business Library. Only water with a lid securely fastened is permitted in The Kitt Investing and Trading Center. We appreciate continued cooperation in keeping the Business Library clean by disposing of trash properly and reporting any spills immediately.


Many software packages are available to you. Be aware that software loads are often changed to meet the needs of classes offered for the current semester. Please refer to our facilities page for additional information.


The Studio may be reserved in advance, online, using the Reserve a Study Room link. Please review our room reservation policies on that page. The digital video camera and iPod kits may be reserved and checked out separately from the Studio.


The Room may be reserved in advance, online, using the Reserve a Study Room link. Please review our room reservation policies on that page.


Business faculty may place books, reports, and other printed materials on reserve in the Business Library.  Reserve materials may be located by consulting the Library Catalog. Electronic materials may be placed on reserve through Fondren Library and are displayed on the Library Catalog system.


Purchasing copies or prints requires electronic payment. Copy cards may be purchased within the Center or value may be added to the magnetic stripe on student ID cards through Pony Express. To activate and add funds to your Pony account go to the Park N Pony link: http://idcard.smu.edu

Printer Charges  
Charge per sheet -- Black & White$0.10
Charge per page -- Color$0.35
Copy Card each (purchase from CSVT machine in copy room)
[no value on card]
PONY/Copy Card cost per copy (add value on CSVT machine
or via PONY web)
Copy cards may only be used to pay for copying and printing. The PONY stripe on ID cards may be used for a variety purposes - printing, copying, food service and other purchases.



Patrons must comply with copyright, patent, and licensing limitations.

  • Software installed in lab computers may not be copied.
  • Materials from the web may not be copied beyond the limits of fair use.
  • Materials in Business Library print collections may not be copied beyond the limits of fair use. Fair use applies in an educational setting. Students and faculty may use copyrighted materials under stringent limitations, primarily for classroom and class-related purposes. Please use the links listed below or ask a Business Librarian for more detailed information.

Students, please consult with a staff member or your instructor before undertaking extensive photocopying.


Last Updated: July 2013