Business Library and Kitt Center Contacts

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CALL the Ask A Business Librarian Line at 214-768-4496

Staff Contacts
Sandy Miller, Director214-768-4113
Janet Bickel-Burton, Librarian
Caroline Hoard, Librarian214-768-4110
Melissa Johnson, Reference & Digital Services Librarian214-768-4654
Karen Leeseberg, Outreach Librarian214-768-4106
Tracey Rinehart, Library Specialist214-768-4284
Gayle Staggs, Librarian214-768-4112
Business Library Patron Services Desk214-768-4107
Cox Technology Support (Help Desk)214-768-4100
SMU Information Technology Services (Help Desk)214-768-4357
SMU-in-Plano Library Resources & Services
Physical Address Mailing Address
6214 Bishop Boulevard
150 Maguire Building
Dallas, TX 75275
6212 Bishop Boulevard
P.O. Box 750333
Dallas, TX 75275-0333