Business Leadership Center

Business Leadership Center

The SMU Cox School of Business provides specialized training in leadership and communication through the Edwin L. Cox Business Leadership Center (BLC), where students establish lifelong careers and build leadership character. While MBA programs traditionally focus on classroom lessons, textbooks and case studies, the BLC develops MBA students by fostering conversations and addressing leadership challenges through Seminars, Executive Roundtables, Programs and Coaching.

The BLC offers intensive classes focusing on essential leadership areas that enhance the SMU Cox curriculum. This year, 92 percent of all Cox MBA students have attended at least one seminar, demonstrating the high value students place on BLC Seminars. 

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C-Level executives enter the room eager to share their professional background and work ventures. Typically, the BLC offers 10 roundtables per year, totaling more than 13 hours of facetime with top-level executives. This is a nonpareil opportunity to learn from and network with seasoned professionals.

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The BLC aims to build interdisciplinary integration between academic classes and practical applied leadership skills.
The BLC offers students ways to develop professionally through our three off-campus applied leadership opportunities:
Disney Institute, Nonprofit Consulting, and The Leadership Challenge. These programs are designed to be experiential and interactive, taking students beyond the classroom.

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The BLC offers coaching opportunities for Cox MBA students motivated to improve their soft skills and assess their leadership path, regardless of their current ability. Outside of the BLC, professionals typically pay thousands of dollars to access what Cox MBA students can take advantage of at no cost.

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