Selected Publications

  • Jensen, M. and Kim, B.K. forthcoming. "Great, Madama Butterfly again! How robust market identity shapes opera repertoires." Organization Science.
  • Kim, B.K. and Jensen, M. 2011. "How product order affects market identity: Repertoire ordering in the U.S. opera market" Administrative Science Quarterly, 56(2):238-256. (an earlier version of this paper appeared in Academy of Management Annual Meetings Best Papers Proceedings, 2009)
  • Jensen, M., Kim, H., and Kim, B.K. 2012. Meeting expectations: A role-theoretic perspective on reputation in The Oxford Handbook of Corporate Reputation, edited by M.L. Barnett and T.G. Pollock, Oxford University Press
  • Jensen, M., Kim, B.K., and Kim, H. 2011. The importance of status in markets: A market identity perspective in Status in Management and Organizations, edited by Jone L. Pearce, Cambridge University Press



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